Tryas Cachepot 17x18cm Metal

The Tryas line of planters was created by Gustavo Arguello, a publicist and specialist in product development. He sought to design the walls and edges of the planter by observing the petals of the flowers. The sensitivity of this project brought us a delicate and unique planter. 

The name Tryas was inspired by a small town in Spain and the design that its name suggests: Three, Triade, Trio. Tryas planters have three sides that suggest three petals and also come with a metal support with three legs that can be used at two different heights, allowing a different composition for every situation and decoration. 

Another differential of the line is that all planters have a double wall with an internal reservoir to store excess water from watering. Your plants cannot suffer from the accumulation of water as well as your furniture, floors and carpets must be preserved from excess of water. Periodically, you can remove the stored water through an intelligent and discreet plug at the bottom of the planter. 

The line contains four sizes and five colors in pastel tones. 

Create your composition and tag Floridis on social media, we love to see our customers’ creativity! 

Mouth Diameter: 17 cm
Total height: 18 cm
Overall width: 20 cm
Base diameter: 11 cm
Capacity: 4 liters
Height of the vase + support: 33 cm


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Altura (cm)
Largura (cm)


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