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About our planters

We make planters for everyone, as we offer a variety of designs, sizes, textures and colors. All can be used indoors and outdoors. For all types of plants, flowers, vegetable gardens and trees (saving their respective size proportions). 

Why choose a Floridis planter?

For indoor and outdoor environments

Our planters receive an anti-UV treatment that protects against damage from the sun's rays. Waterproof and low temperature proof!

Functionality and Practical Solutions

Our planters have elements that make them functional and practical, such as the included saucer, others with an internal reservoir and much more.

Super light material

A light planters can be used in apartments and balconies, besides the easiness of moving it when cleaning or decorating changes.

Impact and drop resistant

Don't worry if your planter falls over, the material is super tough and won't break easily.

100% Recyclable

The raw material we use, called high-density polyethylene, is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. That's why our planter doesn’t harm the environment or your plants.

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