Amsterdam 35x65cm Graffiti

An infinity of possibilities… that is the purpose of the Amsterdam planter line.
This line consists of 4 sizes of classic planters with rounded lines, which accommodate many types and sizes of plants, from a small seedling to a fruit tree. 

This line has a marble effect and brings great elegance to any decoration and landscaping project!
All planters in this line are supplied with the saucer included in the same design. We at Floridis are always concerned about delivering a complete planter ready to be planted! 

Mouth diameter: 35 cm
Total height: 65 cm
Overall width: 41 cm
Base diameter: 25 cm
Capacity: 65 liters

Amsterdã Grafiato

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Acesse o botão abaixo, e veja este produto em 3D. Caso esteja acessando de um dispositivo móvel, veja no seu ambiente com Realidade Aumentada tocando no ícone no canto do objeto.


  • Green Water stone effect
  • Petroleum green stone effect
  • solid black
  • solid brown
  • solid ocher
  • solid terracotta
  • stone effect beige
  • stone effect brown
  • stone effect cement
  • stone effect graphite
  • Stone effect gray
  • stone effect green
  • stone effect wine
  • White