Dubai 53x40cm Square

More and more plants have been used to divide environments, and this is one of the functionalities of the Dubai planter line. 

With two models, square and rectangular, you can assemble a unique composition that can serve not only as a separation of environments, but also as a decoration for corners, vertical gardens, islands, among other ideas to bring a lot of charm to your project. That’s because the bottom of the planter was designed in a way that you can stack it in multiple combinations. Use your creativity and surprise yourself! 

Everything was thought with great care, the line also comes with the little saucer in the same design. This way excess water is preserved. 

Mouth diameter: 54×40 cm
Overall height: 40 cm
Overall width: 60×40 cm
Base diameter: 60×40 cm
Capacity: 80 liters


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Acesse o botão abaixo, e veja este produto em 3D. Caso esteja acessando de um dispositivo móvel, veja no seu ambiente com Realidade Aumentada tocando no ícone no canto do objeto.